Write a Guest Post

I’d love to feature some fresh voices and stories on the self-styled life. Here’s what I’m looking for:

Write a post that tells me about your self-styled life (or the interesting life of someone you know and are in touch with). Have you gone off on your own, started a business, found an alternative to the typical 9-5 grind? I’d like to hear about it! One of my goals here is to get people thinking about alternative approaches to living a successful life–one that truly reflects their passions and dreams. If you believe you can contribute to that conversation, then this is the right place for you.

Other topics I’m interested in featuring here:

  • time management tips
  • stories of overcoming adversity
  • self-improvement tips
  • finding happiness
  • other ideas you feel fit into the self-styled life’s focus

For a few examples of the types of posts I’d like to feature, check out these:

Breaking Bad: How to Get out of Destructive Routines and Habits

Self-styling Inspiration: A How-to from my Sister Kirby

Go For It (Because we’re all just going to die anyway)

Please note:

  • Unfortunately, I cannot pay you (I don’t make any money here myself!), but I’m happy to promote you!
  • I do reserve the right to make small edits to your post, which I will run by you first. However, all rights to your work will remain yours!

You still interested?

Send me a pitch or a finished piece of about 500-1000 words. Put “Collaboration Request” in the subject line. Please do your own proof-reading and editing. I’d also be very appreciative if you have photos or other media (that you have the right to use) to go with your piece. Questions? Email me with those, too!



What do you think?

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