I am sharing my journey of creating a self-styled life because I feel that one of the best ways to learn is to reflect on and share our experiences with each other. And I write because… it’s how I deal.

I might be expressing wisdom or giving advice from my own experiences or the experiences of people I admire, but I do not in any way want to portray myself as some type of authority or anything like it! This is very important to me—if I may at times sound a little preachy, I never intend to misrepresent who I am or claim knowledge or expertise I don’t have.

Here’s my background:

  • I am a writer (my undergrad major was writing)
  • I have Master’s in Public Policy and Public administration
  • I have traveled a lot and lived in a bunch of different places (New York state, Baltimore, Thailand, Montreal)
  • I’m married and have a dog.

So what I say—take it or leave it as you may. I’m just telling it like it is For Me. Feel free to challenge me if you don’t agree or if you think I’m just plain wrong!

And if you are looking into a teacher who does claim to be a professional in the self-help world, check out SEEK Safely to empower yourself on your self-help journey!

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