It’s Raining, It’s Pouring! Soaking through the kitchen flooring…

(remember when I said I have a passion for home renovation…?)

So, I had another post all lined up. A serious one. And then This Happened:

I got home at 5pm after spending last night and all day today in Montreal for a birthday party (last night) and trade show set-up (today). When I walked in the door, I was anticipating a bit (as in, a tempered dribble) of water on the floor because it’s raining and our ceiling looks like this:

this is where the water normally drips in if it's raining hard enough

I instead got this:

See that bucket? Full of water. That bag of tea lights in the water-logged box? Full of water.

And this:

this mat had been 4 feet away but was relocated by the torrent of water across the kitchen floor

I looked up, expecting a gaping hole in the ceiling. Nothing of the sort! But I heard the frenzied energy of flowing water and turned around to see the water pouring out from under the sink. One of the lines to the faucet had popped out from where it meets the pipe, and it was just spraying and spraying until I reached in and closed the valves.

Underneath the sink looked like this:

(Those boxes are all soaked. Everything was soaked. Buckets, boxes, bags---all that under sink stuff---SOAKED)

And there had been so much water that the cabinet doors look like this:

note how the wood is curling up at the bottom of the door

Thankfully, we are already planning to tear down the whole kitchen extension and build something that doesn’t house mice, allow the pipes to freeze every other week, or let the rain in through the ceiling. But coming home to an inch+ of water on the floor when you’re exhausted and hungover is never good. I love my house, but right now I wished we lived in a hotel!

4 responses to “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring! Soaking through the kitchen flooring…

  1. Jean,
    I’m sorry, but I’m laughing hysterically!
    Not at the ridiculousness of your situation…I’m sorry about that.
    But the fact that you needed to point out in the captions under the pictures “note how the wood is curling up at the bottom of the door”

  2. When did we have to start knowing how to deal with things like that? Remember when all we had to worry about was what shirt to wear to the bars? Now we need to do taxes and deal with home improvements. Ridiculous.

    Also – I read this article today, and I think it relates in some way to this blog:

    I think what she did is a result of a lot of what you talked about in the first post – kind of an extreme example of someone dealing with the conflict between personal growth and family, etc… I can’t say I feel comfortable celebrating her decision to leave her family, but I think striving for the self-styled life from the start would prevent having to leave your family after the fact.

  3. oh boy bean, im sorry. That would be terrible to come home too. Hopefully it all gets resolved soon for you guys!

    • Hey Jean,
      Wow…I have not seen damage to cabinets like that since well , hurricane in Baja 2001. Hope it doesn’t get worse. If you need any wood work finish or painting my fiance and I are only an hour and a half from Montreal, would be glad to help you guys out!

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