Job Searching

As the job/career paradox plays me like I’m the shuttlecock in badminton, I’ve been job searching for about 14 months now. The Job Search: a big, black monster that whispers mean things in my ear and watches over me at night. I hate job searching.

[Or maybe career searching? I’m not sure. Directionless? I don’t think so….?]

Anyhow, I recently applied for a job at IKEA. Yup, I have a Master’s degree in Public Policy, but I’m thinking–I love IKEA! Pretty much every weekend I beg my husband to go there with me, bribing him with the little meatballs. (I do also have a lot of retail experience and I enjoy the variety and the fact it’s not all behind a desk). It’s a good company to work for–good employee benefits (including subsidized meatballs), discount on some of the best-designed affordable furniture around, an admirable corporate philosophy that merges profit-making with an environmental and social conscience, and possibilities for career advancement. After all, my second dream career is interior design, and perhaps I could explore some relevant education with IKEA’s employee tuition assistance.

So my current dream job (while I’m still content with the idea of having a “just a job”):

Profile created, job app sent, now waiting on a call for what is a rather coveted job as retail gigs go.

In the meantime, I continue to send out applications for all sorts of jobs, including ones that make more sense for my “career field.” I have about 5 versions of my resume (or CV if you wish), which I tweak for every job I apply to. I’ve written countless cover letters, like little prayers I throw out into winds of the job market…

Are you job searching too (my sympathies)? Any advice? Crazy stories?

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