Feature Friday: “A Toast to Conceptualism” by Annie Guyon

A little something new. I wanted to write a post on Fridays that could be low-commitment for both of us (that is me, Writer, and you, Reader). So each Friday, I will feature an awesome thing I read/heard/saw/learned during the week!

I kick off with a very funny piece I heard on Vermont Public Radio’s Commentary series. Writer Annie Guyon shares an episode from her first “grown up” job. Enjoy!

\”A Toast to Conceptualism\” by Annie Guyon

That’s a link to the audio. It’s about 4 minutes long, no profanity 🙂

The text version (though I highly recommend the audio) and links to other commentaries on VPR can be found here!

Feel free to share some of your favorites from the week and have a great weekend!

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