Why does all the sh!t hit the fan at the same time?

That was my question this morning while, when my way to work today, still reeling from some bad news about the long-awaited conclusion to the trial regarding my sister’s death, my car hiccupped. Just a quiet but unfamiliar lurch while I impatiently drove behind a pokey driver who had me at that annoying speed between fourth and fifth gear. I down-shifted, and the car seemed much happier in fourth, but the lurch had me worried–it was not a normal feeling. A few minutes later, it did the same stutter but while in third gear. Made it past that fine, but then when I kicked it into neutral to stop at a light, it just died.

And stayed dead. For about 15 minutes. I coasted over to the side of the road, waving cars past me feeling like an arse. Key in, turn it, and it would start with a wheeze and promptly die as soon as I tried to coax it into gear. But then on a last-ditch effort before calling a tow truck, it magically started. And it continued along all the way to work as if nothing had happened.

Dear Car: I realize this was probably traumatic, but generally, I've treated you well!

But something had happened. So I took it to the mechanic. In the waiting area, while Ellen interviewed the annoyingly cute Jennifer Garner, I mused over my bad luck. Why right now? So much going on with the end of this trial, an upcoming move, opening our own store (all of which result in limited funds…).

But it just seems to happen that way. For everyone, really, and I suppose that realization gives some solace. Takes the sting out when you realize it’s not just you…

Image of fans... preferable to image of what hits it, yes? (from Wikipedia)

As Jennifer related stories about her annoyingly cute kids and annoyingly hot husband, my mechanic approached me with a bad news face. Ugh oh. Transmission? Engine issue? Car’s literally on the verge of blowing up?

Nothing. They found nothing wrong. I suppose from his perspective, his bad news face made sense. After all, they failed. Because something was wrong at 9:30 this morning. And as a mechanic, his job is to figure out what went wrong and charge me lots of money to fix it. But from my perspective, it was a positive outcome that I would not be paying lots of money to fix the problem (at least, not right now…).

Of course, being somewhat of a vehicular hypochondriac, I will be driving with white knuckles on the wheel waiting for the next hiccup to tell me, It’s Happening! But while feeling sheepish about my possible overreaction, I’ll also be reminding myself, Chill Out. It’s not that bad.

Have you had any bad luck lately? Do bad things seem to hit you in multiples, too? Or do you think that’s just a common myth (because we all like to overreact and feel bad for ourselves…)?

9 responses to “Why does all the sh!t hit the fan at the same time?

  1. Does a radiator hose blowing up under my car hood while I stopped for gas and to fill the radiator count as bad luck? The weirdest stuff happens to me when I’m driving that car, but I guess that’s just my luck. ^^’

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  3. Yes, my dear, you are onto something! I have lived 63 years and the phrase “sh*t happens” is a reality. Sometimes it hits you so fast, you can hardly breathe. That’s why I started writing a humorous blog. If I didn’t laugh, I’d be a drug addict because what I’d need to calm my nerves, I wouldn’t be able to get enough of. Laughter, however, has been a great tonic. Great post. You’ll find that this will touch a lot of readers.

  4. Tom and I were just talking about this the other day. Things always seem to come crashing down at the same time here too. It’s not even always bad things; often it’s just a lot of things that have to be dealt with. You certainly are not alone. We were joking that it was time to “get back to normal” and then realized stuff happening all at once is normal for us. LOL. Hang in there sweetie!

    • Oh I’ve come to the same conclusion often: that crazy IS normal (while secretly hoping it’s not true)! Yeah, even when it’s good things. I always try to remind myself that the good things are worth the crazy and I’m much happier doing them than not… Sometimes I can convince myself 😉

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