Feature Friday: Do Pictures of Perfect Celebrities Get You Down?

Generally, I have a pretty positive body image. I eat well, am active and take reasonably good care of myself, which I believe is critical to having self-confidence and being happy with your appearance.

But obviously there are times when (and certain features about which) I feel like poop. Occasionally, poop-feeling is brought on by looking at pictures of fabulous, perfect, luminous celebrities. How is their hair so shiny, skin so perfect and porcelain, arms so slender?

I know everything is photoshopped, but it’s remarkable to see the extent of it. Just this week I came across this post form a few years ago, but I thought it was so cool I had to share. It really makes you realize that with the right stylist and some serious Photoshopping, any of us could look like a celebrity!

Stars Before and After Photoshop Retouching on gregorymoine.com. Mouse over the image to see its untouched original.

Happy Friday!

What do you think?

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