The Miracles of Moving

After a whirlwind of house selling, house packing, apartment hunting and stuff moving, we are now in Toronto, tucked into a much smaller apartment than the little brick house we left. I’ve moved before. A few times. I hate it every time. But this time it was just gggguuuuuhhhhh. Honestly, words can’t adequately describe the misery. But despite the many times I wanted to throw the yogurt, there were lessons and moments of awe and wonder in all of the crazy.

The most miraculous was the selling of the house itself.

We listed our house at the end of August. Within the first week, we had a very interested buyer. But then her father fell ill and we didn’t hear from her.

Or anyone else… for about a month and a half.

Panic, though we tried to tell ourselves that we would be fine living in a basement bachelor apartment in order to stretch the funds while also paying the mortgage on this house (ha!).

But finally, another interested buyer was going to visit! I had a good feeling. How could someone not love our house?!

Seriously, cutest house ever.

Well, these people didn’t. Too much work, the necessary renovations…

But on the same day, our real estate agent got an excited call from a woman who had tried to buy the house two years ago, but lost it to our condition-free offer. I had thought of this lady, because she actually stopped by one day to ask us if we were selling any time soon (which, 2 months after moving in, we weren’t). When she drove by and saw the house for sale, she called our agent and promised to look soon. She didn’t. A few days later she just made an offer!

Within a week it was done, and she wanted the house on November 1st which actually worked–we already had our store lease, so it was time for us to go!

And the miraculousness continues… Apparently, St. Joseph is a fantastic realtor. I hadn’t heard about the superstition until my mother-in-law suggested that I bury a little St. Joseph figurine in our front garden. Who am I to question, especially when desperate?! About 3 hours after sticking this little guy (upside-down, according to directions) into the dirt next to our tulip bulbs, we got the offer.

It’s amazing how sometimes everything does fall into place at the last possible moment. I also found that it’s amazing how… 

  • fast two a two-week closing on a home sale can go.
  • much stuff you have, when all along you’ve patted yourself on the back for “living simply”.
  • giddy you get after days of filling boxes–to the point where pushing a piano out your front door at 9:30pm gives you a second wind.
  • easily you can fill a 26′ U-haul.

Mike with our 26′ foot U-Haul, Beastie.

  • emotional it is to vacuum an empty house.
  • difficult it can be for service providers to get your new address right (and how useless you feel without internet).
  • eager your friends and family are to help, even with something as crappy as moving.
  • quickly you can be consumed with a new life, and leave behind the old.

So it was with a big sigh of bleary-eyed relief that I logged in tonight, checking off the “remember me” box below my password. In my head, I added a question mark. “Remember Me?” I ask WordPress…

I’m back now, ready to share the details of this next chapter (the first, maybe?) of my self-styled life. Right now it’s just an empty store and streaks of drywall compound on my jeans. Soon, I hope it too will be a good story!

Do you have any fantastic, awful and/or miraculous moving stories? (I can appreciate them now that I’m mostly past it…)

Exhausted after dismantling the dining room table

12 responses to “The Miracles of Moving

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  5. Having moved across the country twice now I know these feelings all too well. Moving is physically and emotionally exhausting…and a task I always underestimate how much it will take it’s toll. But at the same time it’s soo exciting to be starting a new chapter in your life! I love that part of turning over a new leaf 🙂

  6. Congrats on getting through that process! John and I will be moving again next June, and this just made me realize it will be the 4th time moving out within the past 5 years for me. So even though people tell us to “be adventurous” in where we move next, I’m craving some stability. I think knowing that we’d only be in this apartment for 2 years made me more reluctant to really put things in proper places, decorate, paint, etc. Hang the mirrors?? Eh, we’ll be taking them down in less than 8 months. Also, this post made me think back on moving out of the Fell’s Point apartment with Chelsea. She left first and then I cried as I tried cleaning out the fridge. I measure the timeline of my life based on my moving ins and outs.

  7. A challenge indeed, but worth the effort for a new beginning! So happy for your new life chapter…
    Burying St. Joe was an act of faith too… and faith will lead you to where you need to be!
    God bless, Cathy Schneible (Sorenson)

  8. Moving is indeed a huge challenge but can serve as a review and purging opportunity. It ia amazing what we accumulate over time. I can’t even imagine what moving out of the house you grew up in will be like for me ,
    Congratulations on this new and exciting chapter.

  9. I hear you! I’ve been living in the same apartment for 22 years. I loathe moving!! I moved from Toronto to Paris to Montreal to New Hampshire between 1982 and 1988. Way too much moving. Once I hit NY in 1989 and bought a nice apartment, I said, “done!”

    The next move, I hope, will be to France for retirement.

  10. Hey Jean, send that St Joseph my way!! Congrat’s. You and Mike have such a fantastic sense of humor and are wonderful partners. Know that whatever you do will turn out well.

  11. Congratulations…you did it. I’m so proud of you. And did you throw stuff away as people recommend to avoid a lifetime of accumulation? I am now on the look out for a St. Joseph as my husband and I really do need to get moving on the moving out to the farm. The rest of the house is just fine, but the back room (our office…his and mine) alone would stop a sale. Sounds like your plan is meant to be with the way things fell into place.

  12. Moving does indeed suck. I had a move the first weekend in July 2001…UHaul did not have a truck for me (yes, had one reserved.) That weekend , apparently is the MOST popular Moving Weekend. Did not have a truck until 3pm (was supposed to be out of apartment by noon!)

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