Feature Friday: More New Year’s Thoughts from “The Kind Life”…

So this Friday I have yet a few more thoughts on the New Year… how to celebrate, set good goals and keep them. In response to some of my own thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions and reflections, a commenter shared this link with me.

This was my first introduction to actress and activist Alicia Silverstone‘s website, The Kind Life. Here Alecia shares everything from vegan recipes to eco-friendly products and parenting tips in a pretty blog that feels quite authentic (even for a famous person). Even if you’re not vegan or strongly into “green living,” there’s just a lot of common sense advice and delicious looking recipes here that I think will appeal to many (I mean, vegan or not, I would destroy this chocolate hazelnut pie!).

I hope you enjoy!

Happy Friday! (and feel free to share anything cool/inspiring/pretty you came across this week)

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