Feature Friday: How to Be More Interesting (in 10 simple steps)

It’s been a busy week for me! But I did come across this very cute article from Forbes contributor, Jessica Hagy. Her tips on how to be more interesting overlap with some recurring themes about having a self-styled life that reflects your best self. Definitely worth sharing!

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

And I’m very excited to say that next week I have a guest poster from NerdWallet.com to talk about financial New Year’s Resolutions!


4 responses to “Feature Friday: How to Be More Interesting (in 10 simple steps)

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  2. Love this!

    My two faves are the “do something” one and “embrace your innate weirdness.” I was totally stuck in that eat->sleep->watch tv circle for so long… but, I recently started doing other things when I came home from work – I made Emily a Kate Middleton collage one night (haha), or I work out, or I read a magazine, etc… and it’s SO much nicer and definitely prevents me from being sad, as the chart suggests. The other one is awesome, too. You may have received a nerd-tastic New Years card from Kieran and me. When my friend Berry got his he emailed me to say that Kieran and I had basically become caricatures of ourselves, which he said was pretty great. I took that as quite a compliment – I’ve fully embraced my weirdness! 🙂

    • Haha yes, I loved your nerdy card! And I think I even showed it to Mike and said–look at these wackos! (in an affectionate way)

      Yeah, I feel soooo much better when I do productive stuff at night. Lately it’s been baking! But generally anything is good. The TV chart–yeah, I was though “oooh I’m so guilty of that one!” And it’s so true!

      Thanks for your comment, anonymous weirdo!

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