the self-styled life’s week in review

It was a fun week here, despite dealing with a cranky toddler (whose mysteriously puffy eye landed us in the walk-in clinic this morning).

Puffy Eye

  • Everyone really seemed to like yesterday’s post about the simple pleasures of parenting (like wasting time on walks with my little one.) Thanks for the feedback! And incidentally, this was the self-styled life’s 100th post!
  • The Women’s Advancement Compact, a networking organization for professional New York women, featured the self-styled life’s post on Millennial Generation parents in their “In the News” section–a weekly roundup of their favourite articles and posts from around the web. (And I will be bringing you more about the WAC shortly, but for now I encourage you all to check out their site. There is some great stuff going on over there!)
  • I think we’re heading to this zoo this weekend!

Weekend Reading Suggestion:

A few posts back, I mentioned the importance of radio for inspiring my creativity as a writer. If you are looking for some weekend reading, check out one of my favourite writer/blogger, Caitlin Kelly‘s, post, Why Radio is Still the Best Medium on her popular blog, Broadside.

Here’s wishing you a happy Friday and an easy weekend!

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