Guest Post at Atelier Ëdele: “Meditations on Post-baby Bodies”

Have you seen the Beautiful Body Book video?

I share some thoughts on post-baby body-image in this piece for Atelier Ëdele, an online retailer of boutique, organic baby bedding. Check them out!

8 responses to “Guest Post at Atelier Ëdele: “Meditations on Post-baby Bodies”

  1. Wow what a moving video, I think all women are beautiful and the models with the photo shop photos should be ashamed when their photos are changed because someone thinks it’s best to see slim so called perfect body’s. A woman’s body is the most beautiful thing ever and should be shown off always. Thank you so much for telling your story and others, please keep up the good work that you do x

    • I always wonder how the extreme photoshopping makes the models and celebrities feel! I guess maybe they accept it as part of the business, but it must feel crappy to constantly have your body altered to look “more beautiful.”

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I’ve seen this video before. it made me cry the first time I say it. Finally, the truth is being spread and celebrated. I cried again when I showed this video to my husband, who said, ”now you see what I see, how beautiful you really are.” I’m gatting teary eyed even writing writting this comment, as I am pregnant with our fourth child. Thank you for spreading this powerful video.
    Have a nice day.:)

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