4 responses to “Serious Talk on the Internet: Ineffective or Important?

  1. What a great topic! Very thoughtful and well written too. I’m one who thinks it’s important — even vital — for regular folks to talk and discuss the serious issues we face. For one thing, when we don’t talk with each other, we tend to live in a vacuum, which does no one any good. It also creates hostility between folks with different perspectives, even when both are valid, which keeps us fighting each other while the idiots in charge inevitably make matters worse! We forget that good people can disagree… and good people can make different choices for themselves.

    • Thanks, Lily! Yup, political science people talk about public engagement a lot, and how it has waned over the years as we’ve become less connected to our communities and more isolated in our own little bubbles. The entertainment and news became much more isolating thanks to radio and TV, whereas before people had to get together to share information. Those communications were one-sided. But now we have this opportunity for this kind of interactive engagement, so it’d really be a shame to miss the opportunity!

      And I agree–through that dialogue we can learn a lot from one another. Most problems can be solved in more than one way, so I think there’s often a way for supposedly opposite sides to come together! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Very good points and though they are (or should be) common sense, they are too often ignored or forgotten 😣 I think serious discussion is possible online, at least so then the ‘drawing room’ discussions that preceded it. At least online you have the option to factually check your argument, add links for others or leave the conversation if you feel you can’t be civil anymore

    • Good points! You can definitely be a lot more accurate just through that immediate access to information. That is very cool.
      And haha, that’s also a great point about leaving the conversation when you can’t deal with it anymore. I’ve definitely done that more than once 😉

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