Dear Reader: I want your Feedback!

Hello Readers,

I love writing the self-styled life. In many ways, it is therapeutic for me–a nice break from mommyhood–and it helps me feel that I’m moving toward a goal of writing more frequently, perhaps even as a profession. And it’s very nice knowing that other people are reading–I think we will be up to 2,000 subscribers in the next week!

But I don’t want to languish in the status quo–I’m always interested in improving. So with that in mind, I want your advice! I’d like to hear what frequency of posts you’d prefer (it’s usually one per week at the moment), if you enjoy posts that go slightly off topic for the self-styled life, what other types of features you might be interested in, and anything else you might have to say.

You should be able to vote for more than one answer on this third question (if I did it correctly…).

*Sample “Feature Friday” post

I’m also interested in knowing what gets you commenting–I love getting thoughtful contributions from readers and would love more of them! Feel free to chime in below with whatever else you think might help improve the self-styled life.

And as always, thank you for reading!






The awesome featured image is for this post is “Tome Reader” by QQ Li on Flickr. 


4 responses to “Dear Reader: I want your Feedback!

  1. I must say, posting once a week keeps me on “task.” Not that blogging is a “task” or a chore, I do love it and miss it when I’m away. I believe posting predictably on a certain day, keeps your readership as they become in tune with your rhythm. However, that said, post whenever you have something to say, as I also, find blogging friends are very loyal and will come if you post. Goodness, 2,000+ Congratulations!

    • Thanks for chiming in, Georgette! Yes, I try to stick to at least once/week. For me, having that time scheduled in is great, actually–I really look forward to my writing night each week! I agree, being consistent about the day is helpful. If I could only get myself set up a few posts ahead, then I think I could do that.

      Thanks again!

    • Definitely, Mary! Do you use WordPress? If you do, I highly recommend their Blogging 101 series. That would be a great way to give you a jump-start: redesign, refocus, etc. it’s free and laid-back 🙂

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