Veggie Garden Update

A while back I wrote about our newly planted vegetable garden, so I thought I’d give a little progress report!

The garden is growing beautifully, looking full and lush. We have already been enjoying lettuce and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of some of the fruits and veggies: broccoli looks ready to go, teeny tomatoes are peeking out from under the leaves, there are lots of flowers on the cucumber vines, ground cherries are growing in their protective leaf cocoons. Exciting stuff!

Here’s where we were back in May:

Nascent garden

And here we are now:

Beautiful garden, enjoying a misty rain.

My cucumber obelisk then, which I had high hopes for:

And now:

Climbing Cucumbers

Determined climber!

A ground cherry on the stalk. I’ll have to think up some starring roles for these!

Cute little thing

We saw horseradish when picking out veggies and it’s a great summer condiment so we figured, “why not!” Already plotting deliciousness for our fresh horseradish sauce…

Love me some horseradish! We'll see what happens...

Mike, my wannabe farmer husband. Our herbs are in the foreground and the many tomatoes in the back.

Mike checking on the cucumbers.

And finally, we need some help. We cannot remember what this is! It came in a mini-pallet, it seems, because there are three of them. I’m pretty sure it’s not a herb. We just can’t remember… Any thoughts?

Too many vegetables, not enough brain power...

What a satisfying effort! It is lovely to take a walk back there in the morning or after work to admire the bright, lush green and think of all the delicious things I will make.

It seems others enjoy watching the garden grow, too–a resident from the retirement home behind our house came over take a peek one afternoon when Mike was weeding. He had watched us build and plant it. I love the thought that our garden might bring our elderly neighbors some pleasure–reminding them of their own gardens past, or at least giving them something interesting to mark the summer days by.

Are you beginning to enjoy the rewards from your garden? (or perhaps someone else’s?)

13 responses to “Veggie Garden Update

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    • It is celery. Kind of an odd addition to the garden and it was hard to find space for because it didn’t seem to logically fit anywhere (I try to be very logical about my vegetable layout…). But I use a lot of celery so I thought it would be fun to see how it grows!

  5. Neat! I like the “determined climber” picture & think it’s awesome that a resident came by. What a nice surprise that your garden’s bringing a little happiness someone else… just keep your eyes peeled as he might come back in the night for your tomatoes… don’t be fooled by their charm…old people are sneaky like that. 😉

    • Do try again! I think the soil is key. We have some great soil (bought bags of marine compost at a greenhouse going out of business auction) and we don’t do much to the vegetables. I have watered only twice when we’ve gone a few days without rain. They seem to be quite happy!

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