Big Changes!

In the 6 months since I began writing the self-styled life, I’ve talked a lot about taking control of my own life. I’ve been working on getting over hang-ups and bad habits like procrastination. I’ve wondered what it is to have a career vs a job, wondered if I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, marvelled about the ability to dream and accompanying inability to act on those dreams.

Asking questions is important. But at some point, you have to start acting on your answers. You can’t wait impatiently forever.

Time for a change!

I swear I’m not all talk. In fact, I figured Labor Day was an appropriate day to share our plans for a new livelihood. After almost two very difficult years in our life and having gone through an especially useless job search during that time, we’re going to make our own job, literally, by opening our own jewelry shop!

Having pondered the benefits of city and country living, we will leave our quiet country town and head to Toronto. My beloved little house is for sale–a gut-wrenching decision that will likely hit me again with fresh tears. But despite the difficulty and the worry about how it will turn out, it feels really right.

Downtown Toronto from the CN Tower (yup, that's a rainbow, too!)

It’s an out-of-the-box decision (so declared my mom) for two people educated as policy analysts, but it seems that now’s the time to think outside the box. I’d already pretty much given up on The Box anyhow, so it was just about finding the courage to take a chance.

It helps when you have a partner in crime!

I’m looking forward to a change: new opportunities, new routines, new challenges, a new place. I feel empowered by the thought that we’re no longer waiting for an opportunity–we’re going to create our own.

While we’re making our move, I’ll be gleaning inspiration from the stories I hear of others who have taken a leap. I hope that with time, I will be able to provide inspiration and advice to anyone else looking to make a big change. And I’ll obviously be keeping you up to date on our progress!

Are you in the midst of change, or reflecting this Labor Day on your career or work? Hope you had a lovely day off!

18 responses to “Big Changes!

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  7. Congrats on the new business venture! I’m slightly envious of your ability to take a leap of faith and try something you’re passionate about. I’m definitely a more inside-the-box type of person so trying things that steer away from the path are always a little nerve-wracking. I can’t wait to read about your travels and upcoming adventures!

    • Thanks, Lindsey! Going out of the box is terrifying! Haha, don’t be too envious until we see how it actually goes… But seriously, thanks for your encouragement! I’ll definitely be sharing our progress!

  8. Congratulations on making the leap of faith! I know you’ve had some hard choices to make (people who think outside the box tend to have to), but it is all for the better. it’s a whole new adventure you get to embark on that will teach you a lot of things you didn’t know about yourself. You’re in my prayers Jean.
    P.S. Thanks so much for the pingback. ^^

    • Thanks for your encouragement! Of course I am looking ahead imagining that everything will be perfect and rosy, but I know there will be lots of learning, challenge and investment of effort! Good blog material… 🙂
      PS: you’re welcome!

  9. Well… sad to see you guys go (not like we were next-door-neighbors, but an hour wasn’t SO bad…) but happy we have an ever-growing number of people to visit when we’re in TO! Best of luck to you both…

    • Thanks, Dave! Yes, it sucks moving away from you guys and our Montreal and Ottawa people. We tried to create a commune here in Eastern Ontario but nobody was biting… You’ll be more than welcome to visit us–you can have all your TO friends bid on you guys–who can come up with the most awesome visit plans…

  10. THis is wonderful, Jean! Toronto is a beaut of a city and you & Mike working together as a team will be satisfying and rewarding. I know you love your home, but you will create another beautiful home- because wherever you live will reflect you.
    Cheers, my dear!

  11. I’m a government working too–former policy analyst, and I keep having dreams of moving to the mountains of Banff or Whistler to open a bakery! Live you dream and follow your passion…and hopefully one day I will find and follow mine.

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