Decision-making is rarely clear-cut.

Making a huge decision like moving and starting a new business is scary. My husband and I have been talking over our plans for months and months. We’ve been feeling each other out–trying to determine if we’d be as good a partnership in business as we are in life.

When we decided to put our plans into action, the first step was to accept that after spending the past two years in the lovely cocoon of our little house, it was time to move on. When we put our house on the market, I must tell you, I freaked out.

I cried for a few days, fresh tears each time I told my parents, our friends we’d be leaving, our real estate agent, even. Our house has been a safe place while we dealt with my sister’s death (just 6 days after we’d moved in) and other family illnesses and tragedies. Deciding to leave that place and put it all on the line for the dream of a lifestyle–our self-styled life–was a big deal.

But then I remembered how long we’ve been thinking and planning, and how strong the pull has been to make a change–like a deep undercurrent tugging at my feet every day inviting me to let go and follow its course to new waters.

I worry a lot as we look at the costs and the risk we’re taking. Will we be successful? But as the excitement builds over seemingly insignificant or mundane details like a point of sale system, I know that I’ve just been thirsting for this challenge.

My switch from emotional wreck to excited and motivated was rather abrupt. It’s easy to hold onto what’s known and familiar, forgetting why that’s no longer right for you.

Unknowns are scary, but I believe in gut instinct. After the excitement of exploring a new place on vacation, coming home was… somehow disappointing. That disappointment, as pretty as our house is in full summer bloom, pointed out just how stuck we have been. I knew it was time to go. Once I got over the initial urge to hold to what was comfortable, just deciding to take a chance was freeing.

And with all of the encouragement and well-wishes we received after announcing our plan, I feel even more confident in our decision. We’re so blessed to have such supportive friends and families. So, thank you! 

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  7. The only constant in life, Jean is change. Some we have no control aver annd some we plan. You and Michael ARE a good team. I expect you will do well and wish you all the best.

    • It’s amazing how much we tend to cloud our minds with. I think that’s why so many religious practice is about shutting off thought and looking for clarity!

  8. We are, as a family, extremely sad but also extremely confident that you will do well in your new adventure. It is hard not to be sad that you will no longer be so close to us. I feel this way whenever my children decide to head out on their own. But I am also reminded that this is what we did. When offered a new postiion in a new city & a new province we too were excited and jumped at the opportunity to move and make it our own new life. I am thrilled on one hand that the 2 of you will now go out and charge into something exciting that is yours and yours alone. We are always a soft place to fall, your biggest supporters & proud of both of you for taking on such a challenege in these trying economic times. We are your biggest fans!

  9. The last 3 paragraphs remind me exactly of when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. I could have written that verbatim about the situation, so I know exactly what you mean about getting over the initial difficulty of letting go of what you’re used to, and then practically from one moment to the next realizing how free you are and how right it was. I cried for like 4 days, and then sat up in bed one morning like a new person!

    Annnd, here I am getting married to Kieran in 17 days! So, obviously it was the right choice! As, I know this will be for you guys!!

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