Mapping the Days of Some of History’s Greats

While it seems many of us are taken with the idea of a sabbatical, we must still spend most of our lives in our “normal” life. So while we dream of our great adventures, how do we make the most of our every day?

When I previously wrote about Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule, it really seemed to strike a chord with the self-styled life’s readers. I received many requests for copies of the schedule and it is still one of the more popular posts, getting hits from related Google searches everyday.

My Daily Schedule

Click on the image for a blank PDF schedule and feel free to use it!


So when I came across this post, I figured people would be interested.

Based on the book Daily Rituals by Mason Curry, blogger and infographic explorer, RJ Andrews, created visually engaging charts of the daily rituals of many famous people in history — artists, musicians, thinkers — from Darwin to Dickens, Mozart to Maya Angelou and yes, Benjamin Franklin.

Ben Franklin Daily Schedule Infographic

It’s an intriguing visual look at the daily lives of these extraordinary humans. I choose to be inspired (rather than discouraged) by the fact that despite how little time I often feel I have, I really have the same amount of time in which to accomplish great things as these people did. For me, getting a glimpse into the specifics of their time-spending adds a practical push towards my own potential.

Check out the rest of the graphics, including an explanation of how it works, on Info We Trust — some of the details are incredible, or downright hysterical!

What do you find most surprising or interesting in the details of how some of these people spent their days?



2 responses to “Mapping the Days of Some of History’s Greats

  1. How true it is that when you semi-plan for your days, you do feel better about yourself. I have a weekly calendar on my kitchen counter and I record what I want to do and cross it off daily as each item is accomplished. Some days things get moved to the next day, but, by the end of the week, you see how much and what you have done. A doctor suggested doing this many years ago, as one thinks at times that their day was wasted and they can’t remember what they did in that time frame. One may not get everything done but if I do more things that weren’t on my list, I add them. Surprising to see how much one does do in a day without thinking about it all. Love your posts.

    • That sounds like a great calendar. As a stay at home mom, I often feel frustrated at the end of the day when I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything other than feeding a kid and keeping her alive!

      Thanks for reading!

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