The Never-ending Effort to find Balance

One of my yoga instructors likes to talk us through class with anecdotes and reflections. Today, as we teetered into (and fell out of) dancer’s pose, she talked about balance. Not just the physical kind, but the life kind.

Finding Balance

No matter who you are– a mom, student, career-type, retiree, or someone whose lives crosses categories–we are all trying to find that point in the middle between what we must do and what we want to do, what we have and what we need, what we do for others and what we do for ourselves. And so on.

One of the last posts I’d written, a long time ago, was about my beginning in freelance writing work, an important milestone for me. And it has gone well from that point–over the last year+, I’ve taken on a bunch of writing jobs and *gasp* gotten paid (a little bit). It’s been awesome in many ways, not least for confidence-building.

But, I haven’t quite found a balance. In doing these jobs, I’ve neglected this (unpaid but still dear) blog and other personal projects. As a stay-at-home mom who also needs to exercise, cook, participate at my kid’s school, keep a 2 year old alive during the day, sleep, and relax sometimes, my writing time is limited. The work someone was counting on me and paying me to do took priority in the gaps when I was free of these other responsibilities.

It’s fine. I don’t feel guilty (although I do apologize for my absence) or like I’ve failed. But now I need to rebalance and refocus. I will continue to take on some paid work, but on a more limited basis as I get back into the personal projects. They may not be paid, but I do believe they will pay off in the long run!

As I adjust, I’m reminded of a key point about finding balance in life: it is a constant effort. You’re never just… done. Things change. Priorities shift, opportunities arise or disappear, new responsibilities emerge (or are born), fresh dreams take shape, unforeseen events shift our axis. Sometimes just a breeze can tip the scale.

The Never-ending Effort to Find Balance on the self-styled life

And so we must constantly take stock, make adjustments, and rebalance. That’s not a negative thing, though–it’s a sign of progress! Just all part of living life!

How do you rebalance yourself after big (or small) changes?


2 responses to “The Never-ending Effort to find Balance

  1. Hi Jean,
    So happy to see you’re blogging again…for me, balance returns with deep calming breaths, a good read that is nourishing spiritually, being in nature and a yoga class!
    Love to you & family! Mary Ellen

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